Looking for some more information about
bullying? Or other places to go for help?
Please refer below.

Resources for Kids:

Kids Help Line
Phone 1800 55 1800
Counseling service for Australian children and young people.


Bullying No Way
Bullying Information, resources, ideas, FAQs, forums, and support.


Resources for Parents:

Raising Children
Australian parenting website


Relationships Australia 
Phone 1300 364 277
Relationship support services, parenting skills training, family dispute resolution and much more.


Child Abuse Prevention Service
Phone 1800 668 009
24hr emergency support.


Men’s Line
Phone 1300 789 978
Counselling, information and referral services for men. 

Other Informative Resources:

Dr Ken Rigby
Website of one of the world’s foremost voices on the bullying issue.
Incredible resource site offering online webinars, education programs, and presentations. Whole sections on Cyber bullying.


Domestic Violence
Resource Centre
Aimed at providing information and support in Victoria, for families and adults dealing with family violence.


Dept of Education and
Early Childhood Development
Government website for Victoria.


Resilience Foundation
Provides leadership, knowledge, resources and support to assist in the development of resilience in young people.


National Centre Against Bullying
Information and resources provided by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.


Australian Institute for Family Studies
Australian Government website containing research on family wellbeing.


Australian Council for Educational Research
Journals and publications for teachers and schools.