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Research indicates that the most effective gains in building a safe, inclusive school environment occur when all sections of the school community are involved.

Our unique programs help schools create this by offering educational sessions for teachers, parents and students. In this way we hope to bring about long-term cultural change in the schools we work with.

Although these modules can be delivered separately, many schools opt to have the issue addressed on all three fronts.

We run three sequentially layered workshops for students at their different age levels. This way we can build on, and add to, the knowledge base at each stage. We use both role-play and explicit teaching in our presentations with students, making them fun and energetic, as well as practical and informative. We have two facilitators in every session and try to involve the students as much as possible to maximise their learning. With this in mind we limit the numbers to approximately 50 students, or 2 classes.

We also now run a 4-week series for the Yr 5/6 levels that allows us to work on a more individual level with the students. It also helps us address more of the underlying issues that can influence an issue like this.

Mindfulness Program

A 9 session program designed to help students become less reactive and stressed and more at ease with their thoughts , feelings and sensations.

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Cool Calm Kids

This session teaches young children the foundations of assertive behaviour and the dangers of reacting in a certain way.

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Resilient Kids

This session teaches children to identify the different types of bullying behaviour and to better understand its impacts on others.

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Empowered Kids

This session further develops and extends the ideas that we introduced in the Resilient Kids workshop.

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Positive Peer Relationships
4-Week Program


This program is now offered alongside the single Empowered Kids session we currently offer. As a multi session program it allows us more time to explore the complexities involved in this issue on a more individual level.

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Teacher Professional Development

Provides staff with practical strategies to identify and deal with bullying behaviour.

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Parent Information Sessions

Helps parents be able to define what bullying actually is and isn’t. It equips them with strategies to help talk to their child about bullying.

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