inside out ed.

Note From the Director Michael Shaw:


BEd, Dip Transpersonal Counselling,
Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Cert IV
Assessment and Workplace Training.

Bully busters was originally founded in 1997 and, back then, bullying was much more of a silent issue facing both the schools and individuals within them. In recent times bullying has been gaining a lot of focus in the media. As such, we are now very much aware of the psychological and physical impacts of this behaviour. However much of what makes it to print, or air, often lacks a deeper understanding of either what bullying actually is or how to meet the issue effectively. This in turn tends to create more fear and less practical understanding, for both teachers and parents, as how best to deal with it.

I bring my personal experience of this issue to the work I do. I have an understanding of it through both the ‘School of Life’, and academic frameworks. Being able to name bullying in the ways I now can, I can recognise that there were three separate periods in my life when I experienced it. As a child, a teenager and again as an adult. It is through the combination of all these experiences that I have gained my greatest insights about how to work in this area.

The focus in our programs  is multi-pronged. We aim to  develop group empathy and awareness, help the teachers to effectively deal with perpetrators and targets, support active bystanders, teach effective defensive strategies and help them to deal with strong emotions less reactively . At the Yr 5/6 level, on top of the single session delivery, we now offer a four week series or a comprehensive eight week mindfulness program. We can also tailor a multi week delivery to more fully suit the individual needs of your school.

Bullying is something that can leave kids, or indeed people of all ages, very isolated. It’s my hope to bring as much change and education to schools and individuals as I can. I look forward to working with you in the future.